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Media Release

Dear All, please find below the text of the Media Release 5 June that is now being released to mainstream and spiritual media on my new book, 'The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame'. Enquiries for interviews/images/stockists/sales, email: twinflamepublicity@gmail.com


For Immediate Release:
June 2012

Divine Women - Doing it for Themselves
Australian author and journalist Jacinta Le Plastrier believes very few women still really live in their full power. She should know: she has spent the past five years re-thinking and writing about women’s experiences of life, work, finances, relationships, well-being, and love, and their beliefs about intimacy and sexuality.

Her new book, The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame, is a book about a woman’s most important relationship – with herself – and how developing and understanding that relationship authentically creates the kind of self-directed power she sees lacking in most women’s lives.

The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame explores the most important issues in women’s lives, including vocation and mothering, family life, creativity, men, intimacy, love, spirituality, health and vitality. But while the author offers a spiritual slant on these issues, her ideas are very much about concretely improving each reader’s experience in the everyday. For Le Plastrier, a woman reclaiming her full power is not a sentimental or soft journey.

The book also explores relations between women and men, sexually and spiritually, whatever a woman’s sexual or relationship orientation, and advocates a radical shift in the way women literally ‘see’ men.

What is your real purpose in life? What makes a powerful woman? How can we change the ways, positively, that we see men, to make ourselves as well as men happier?
These are some of the central questions discussed in The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame, which is also a very practical guide to a woman exercising mastery over life’s challenges.

“I think it’s time for women to get interested in facing their challenges like heroines, to treat them like adventures that they can enjoy even during the difficulties. Men have been encouraged to be heroes for centuries but being a heroine for most women has looked like a Jane Austen character,” says Le Plastrier. “It’s time for women to really step up to what they are capable of, to set out to claim what they want, and to do what it takes to get what they want, in a positive way.”

According to Le Plastrier, few women really understand or ‘get’ men: “It may be true that men don’t understand women very well either but I am only interested in what I personally can change. My perceptions of men have really altered during the writing of this book, and it’s been amazing to see how dramatically connecting to my inner power as a woman has so significantly improved my relations with, and love for men.”

The essential theme of the book is what Le Plastrier calls ‘self-sovereignty’, the ability to be the governing force in one’s own life, one she argues is linked to becoming a ‘Divine Woman’, connecting to an inner or ‘divine’ femininity.

 “When a woman develops and integrates a powerful relationship with herself, that power then radiates into all aspects of her life, initiating change where needed, gently or robustly. At heart, it is a relationship about creating and building self-love. If she is heterosexual, this rebalances her energy with men externally,” she says.

The second key theme of the book focuses on what the author calls Twin Flame relationships – idealised, yet utterly possible relationships where partners exist in the deepest harmony with each other because both are self-directed and independent. In these couplings both partners understand that living powerful lives for themselves improves their relationship but also improves the world. The Twin Flame concept is linked to the idea that each person literally has another person who is their perfect complement, or other ‘half’.

While many scoff at Hollywood and its romantic notions of soul-mates and one true love, Le Plastrier believes such films are actually motivated by this profound idea.

“Women and men want to be with the one that I call their true flame or twin flame, whether they are heterosexual or same-sex. This is a powerful relationship that is now available to many due to the kind of spiritual changes occurring on the planet.

“But a woman cannot have this kind of relationship without self-sovereignty. That’s why the book is so tough about the need for women to become self-sovereign if they want to live the most meaningful life they can.”

In The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame, Le Plastrier asserts that femininity and power are not mutually exclusive, and women can be powerful without losing touch with their own individual expression of the feminine within.

The self-sovereign woman is authoritative with her sexuality, and most definitely knows what serves her and what doesn’t,” she says.

“The book was also my own personal experiment. If I wanted to explore how women can heighten their higher feminine power in a very practical way, and how that might affect sex and love for them, then I had to learn how to do it myself. When it comes to old ways and attitudes that don’t serve me or other women, my view is: Enough! We’re done with that now.” 

Praise for The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame

“Your book is an amazing description of the emergence of the divine feminine on the planet, and a true gift to those of us, following the path of self sovereignty.”
 Michelle Bihary. Psychotherapist, The Delta Centre

“Thank you so much for the work, it is inspiring, full of courage and authenticity.’
Angela Clarke, musician/composer

“Jacinta’s work is a clear call for change and a re-setting of the balance of power for the betterment of everyone. It’s remarkable, truly groundbreaking, in its relocating of the divine feminine power in individuals and humanity as a whole.”

Rebecca Ryan, healing professional and co-facilitator of The Divine Woman course

The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame has an RRP $29.95 and is available from specialist book stores across Australia.

For online orders contact twinflamepublicity@gmail.com or visit The Divine Woman on Facebook.


About Jacinta Le Plastrier/IMAGE ATTACHED
Jacinta is an Australian-born author, journalist, editor and publisher of long-standing experience. A former contributing editor at Belle, Good Weekend, and Elle, she continues to write for these and other well-known publications.  Jacinta is also Publisher at the prestigious, award-winning Australian poetry press, John Leonard Press, and runs seminars on women’s empowerment based on the Divine Feminine.
She lives in Melbourne with her three ‘divine’ daughters.

For further information, interviews and images; or to request a review copy, please contact Rowena Fitzgerald  twinflamepublicity@gmail.com, or phone 0413 210 940.

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