Monday, 31 March 2014

On Anthony Lawrence's SIGNAL FLARE

Appearing in February 2014 issue of AUSTRALIAN BOOK REVIEW,  a review of Anthony Lawrence's masterful latest volume, SIGNAL FLARE. Lead-in paragraph here, follow link at ABR Online to read full article.


by Anthony Lawrence
Puncher & Wattmann, $25 pb, 100 pp, 9781922186232
Jacinta Le Plastrier

Jacinta Le Plastrier

Jacinta Le Plastrier is a Melbourne-based poet, writer, editor, and publisher. Her poetry collection, The Book of Skins, will be...
Asignal flare, known mostly for its use as a maritime distress signal, has the ability to illuminate a disproportionately large area for what can also seem, given its intimate, hand-held origin, an unnaturally sustained time of several minutes. It is also the title of Anthony Lawrence’s fourteenth collection of poetry. While the phrase itself is not to be found in any of the poems, the poetic idea offered by ‘signal flare’ is powerful and lights its terrain.

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